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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells maintain the potential for turning into several cell lines such as tendon, cartilage, muscle, skin, bone and more. All of the regenerative therapies provided either contain stem cells directly, or activate the body’s own stem cells for repair and regeneration of the damaged tissue. Research performed have shown several benefits to what the materials contain include: 

  • High numbers of Stem Cells
  • Concentrations of Growth Factors
  • High numbers of Cytokines
  • Additional elements including exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, mRNA

Treatment may assist with improving function and decreasing pain that can be associated with many chronic conditions, injury or general wear and tear. While results vary based on the individual, patients have reported that they are able to walk farther, participate in more recreational activities, breathe easier, sleep better and experience increased energy.

 The FDA strictly regulates the process of how these tissues are acquired, tested, processed and stored to ensure the highest level of patient safety. We only use products that are obtained ethically and processed at FDA registered, AATB (American Association of Tissue Banking) accredited, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified,  follow GTP (Good Tissue Practices) and are located within the United States.

For more information regarding your specific condition, please contact us at 425.402.4787 or email [email protected].

Listen to Dr. Costa's interview on the Carrie Abbot show:

THIS NOTICE MUST BE PROVIDED TO YOU UNDER WASHINGTON LAW. This health care practitioner performs one or more stem cell therapies that have not yet been approved by the United States food and drug administration. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care provider prior to undergoing a stem cell therapy.


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