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Headache & Migraine Relief FAQs

Millions of Americans suffer from headaches each year. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’ve almost certainly experienced a headache yourself. The good news is that regenerative medicine may be able to provide lasting relief. This functional medicine approach to pain management may resolve the root causes of your headaches. If you live in or near Bothell or Monroe, WA, contact Bothell Regenerative Medicine for assistance with regenerative medicine.


Who Can Provide Headache Treatment and Migraine Treatment?

If you’re looking for assistance with headache treatment and migraine treatment, it’s wise to work with a doctor. Doctors spend years learning their craft and figuring out how to best serve their patients. This means they can often help people establish good pain management care plans.

Do Doctors Prescribe the Same Treatment as Other Doctors?

Not always. Some doctors focus more on treating the symptoms of a disease or condition, rather than resolving it. If you need headache treatment, you might be prescribed painkillers, for example. While painkillers can provide relief in the near term, they can quickly wear off. Further, your body will eventually grow resistant to pain management medications. As a result, you may find pain returning, and it could be harder to treat with medication.

Why Can't I just Take Pain Management Medications?

Crucially, pain medications can be addictive and habit-forming. Many people end up depending on painkillers simply to get on with daily life. Some become addicted and will abuse pain management medications. When it comes to wellness, substance abuse can obviously have a big impact.

Is There a More Holistic Approach to Pain Relief?

Some doctors have flipped the script. While they may prescribe patients medications that can provide short-term pain relief, doctors who embrace naturopathic health care will strive to mitigate underlying conditions by using functional medicine. This can result in better headache and migraine treatment, especially in the long run. Further, the treatments provided are based on scientific research and biology.

What Types Naturopathic Treatments Should I Use to Improve Wellness?

There are many different functional medical treatments. Which one is right for you? That will depend on the specifics of your condition, your overall health, and various other factors. Doctors who emphasize functional medicine tend to step back and take a holistic approach when determining treatment.

Popular treatments for headaches and migraines include stem cell therapy and applying local anesthetics to specific bundles of nerves. Trigger point injections, prolotherapy, and various other types of treatments may provide lasting pain relief. By addressing the root causes of migraines, your doctor can help you secure pain relief both right now and well into the future.

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