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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine utilizes advanced therapies that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities to alleviate pain and restore wellness without relying solely on surgery. 


Regenerative Medicine

Our regenerative treatments support the body’s efforts to repair damaged connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, and cartilage while generating new blood vessels to restore degenerated joints on a cellular level. We utilize cutting-edge integrative medicine to provide widespread recovery, such as prolotherapy, PRP alternative and stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy uses stem cell injections to assist affected areas with tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, and stimulate the body’s healing ability. This treatment can help improve function and decrease pain from chronic conditions or injuries. Regenerative therapies may help improve symptoms associated with many tendon, ligament, muscle, and joint injuries by stimulating the healing process and reducing pain.

Prolotherapy is a highly effective technique for alleviating chronic pain and restoring joint stability by using an injection to trigger your body’s repair mechanisms. This injection causes a controlled inflammatory response that encourages new collagen and connective tissue growth, strengthening weakened joints and improving mobility.

Customized Regenerative Programs

Our skilled practitioners identify the root causes of nagging orthopedic problems like osteoarthritis, tendonitis, or recurring back injuries through comprehensive intake evaluations and testing. We then develop precisely targeted regenerative treatment plans utilizing one or a combination of regenerative medicine treatments to holistically address your specific condition patterns and needs for lasting solutions. We offer an individualized integrative medicine approach to restore your wellness, help you achieve optimal healing, and reduce inflammation and pain without resorting to surgery.

Find Regenerative Medicine Near You in Bothell and Monroe, WA, Today

Regenerative medicine offers you a holistic and non-invasive alternative to surgery for several chronic and orthopedic conditions, so contact Bothell Regenerative Medicine in Bothell and Monroe, WA, today to explore how personalized regenerative treatments can help you. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (425) 402-4787.


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